my music collection! (tba)

cds, vinyls ...

first vinyl that i ever bought for myself!
i knew only a few songs of the kinks at that time and found this at a record fair!
signed by all four + iain signed the inside picture for me aswell ^^

other merch

i bought this when i was twelve and it still hangs proudly in my room! my old school used to hold a poster fair and i found this. when i came home i cried, i was so happy :)
i HATE caps of which the front are like hard? so i never wear them and then my mom gets angry that i don't wear them lmao. they sold this at the concert i went to and i saw the front was soft and immediately bought it :D
it reads: "bears in trees stole my lunch money and i'm gunna fight them if they don't give it back"
also bought this at the concert :) no idea how i'm gonna hang this in my room because the front is so pretty but the back has all the lyrics of the how to build an ocean: instructions album and i don't knowwww
ALSO bought this at the concert. i spent so much holy shit but i'm glad i did - it's signed by callum, iain and george!
limited edition poster :P i got the fifth one! bought this at his show and he signed it with "(insert legal name) is zijn naam" !!! super cool
probably doesn't count as merch but i found this book in germany and was so relieved it was in english and not too expensive lmao. the pictures are beautiful!